Does Applebee’s Take Reservations? (Step-By-Step Process)

No, Applebees does not take reservations in the traditional sense. However, they offer a call-ahead seating arrangement and allow guests to join the waitlist remotely.

Applebee’s restaurants are a chain of restaurants that focuses on casual dining with mainstream American dishes.

But does Applebee’s take reservations? If they do, how do you make one, and what does it mean to be on Applebee’s Waitlist?

This is what we will primarily discuss in this article. We will also talk about how you could apply to be on Applebee’s Waitlist and the number of guests that can or are allowed to join the party at a time.

We will not be going into many technicalities and will try to keep it as short as possible. For more straightforward navigation to your closest Applebee’s, we will also provide contact information so stick to the end.

Does Applebee’s Take Reservations?

Does Applebee's Take Reservations?

Applebees does not provide reservations for your dining experience in the traditional sense. However, you can quickly join the waitlist remotely or by calling the local outlet ahead of time.

It is my go-to restaurant for great meals and a friendly atmosphere for families and friends.

However, this also means the place is always bustling with people and needs a table to spare, especially during lunch and dinner hours.

This means you will probably end up waiting for a table to clear up. The waiting time can range between 15 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the type of diners in the outlet.

On top of this, Applebee’s only takes reservations like other traditional restaurants beforehand. It means you will have to wait for a table to clear up before you can eat.

What Is The Call Ahead Seating At Applebee’s?

Call Ahead Seating at Applebee’s lets you get your name and phone number added to the waitlist at the restaurant.

Applebee’s gets very busy during the lunch and dinner hours, so you are bound to wait in a queue if you turn up here during those hours.

While the restaurant does not offer reservations in a traditional sense, Applebee’s offers a Call Ahead Seating arrangement for their guests.

Before you drive to the restaurant, you are advised to call them ahead of time to get your name and number on the waitlist. Be sure also to mention how many people will be joining you so the host can put you on wait for an appropriate table.

You can also get on the waitlist remotely. 

You can enter the information needed for the seating arrangement through their website.

Call ahead service requires you to arrive early to ensure you can flip the tables. So try to arrive at least 10 minutes before your estimated time for a table.

This not only saves you time waiting for an hour outside the restaurant but also plan your outing with your friends better.

Coming early is also better than arriving later and realizing that you have forfeited your table to another family and now have to get your name up on the wait list again.

How Do You Apply For The Texas Roadhouse Waitlist?

You can apply for the Applebee’s Waitlist online on their¬†website. In place of reservations, Applebees uses a waitlist system that allows you to get a table for your group.¬†

Joining Applebee’s Waitlist remotely is easier than it is for other restaurants.

Following is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for Applebee’s Waitlist easily.

1. Find The Closest Applebee’s Outlet

You first need the closest restaurant outlet to add your name to the waitlist.

Suppose you have allowed the browser to detect your location automatically. In that case, the page will directly take you to the page showing a list of outlets near you based on their distance and waiting time.

2. Choose The Applebee’s Restaurant

Once you have typed in your zip code or the location has been detected, the website will provide you with options to choose from the local restaurant outlets.

If only a single restaurant is available nearby, the website will also show you that information.

Tap on the “Join Window” to remotely join the desired outlet’s waitlist.

3. Type In Your Information

Once you have clicked on the “Join Waitlist” option of the restaurant you want to join, the following window will ask you to put in all the necessary information about the person whose name the table is being booked. 

You will first be asked about the number of people joining the group.

Usually, seven people at most are allowed to be on the waitlist remotely. However, if the party exceeds seven, you are requested to call the restaurant directly.

Then, you will be asked to put in your information, such as your name, phone number, and email address.

When it is time for your table, you will get a text message from the restaurant with instructions, including when to reach the restaurant.

Make sure to reach five minutes earlier to check in your name with the staff that will then take you to your assigned seat.

Joining the waitlist remotely help you guarantee a table and lets you plan your day instead of wasting an hour outside a restaurant waiting for a table.

Applebee’s Contact Information

You can contact Applebee through their website or call their customer care number.

You can contact Applebee’s on their website for more information, and to find and contact the nearest Applebee restaurant, look here.

You can also connect to them through their customer service or call (888) 592-7753

Final Remarks

In this article, we examined if Applebee’s takes reservations. We also discussed how you could apply for a Waitlist for the seating arrangement or call the restaurant ahead of time.

Let’s briefly go over this topic once again.

Does Applebee take reservations? Applebees does not take reservations but offers a call-ahead seating arrangement, allowing their guests to join the waitlist remotely.