What Is Arby’s Red Ranch? (EXPLAINED)

Arby’s Red Ranch is a slightly less spicy version of Arby’s Sauce. Their red ranch doesn’t include the cayenne pepper that makes Arby’s sauce a bit spicy.

You will find a variety of sauces on Arby’s menu. They are included in their sandwiches and wraps, along with other components.

While Arby’s sandwiches are well known all over the USA, their sauces also get a lot of praise. Their red ranch, Arby’s Sauce, and Horsey Sauce are famous among customers.

However, many people may need clarification about the flavor profile of their sauces. People who don’t eat at Arby’s may need to learn what each tastes like.

If you are someone who has been wondering about Arby’s famous sauces, you need to read this article. Here, I will describe in detail what their classic sauces, like red ranch, taste like.

How Does Arby’s Red Ranch Taste?

What Is Arby's Red Ranch?

Arby’s red ranch tastes almost like Arby’s sauce but doesn’t feel spicy. They are made with the same ingredients minus the cayenne pepper.

You might have already heard about Arby’s sauce. It is indeed the most famous sauce from the fast food chain.

Arby’s sauce has been so famous that people pushed the company to sell its sauces directly. However, Arby’s sauce is not available at the store.

Arby’s has three different sauces that taste good. However, to understand their flavor profiles, you need to delve deeper into their ingredients.

Arby’s Red Ranch is one sauce that is often confused with Arby’s sauce. It has the same color and consistency, so people need clarification when presented with these options.

Let me just quickly clear that out for you. Red Ranch sauce is a milder version of Arby’s Sauce. Some people cannot handle spice at all.

The red ranch has been created for these people who want to enjoy Arby’s Sauce without the spicy zing. Arby’s has eliminated cayenne pepper in their Red farm so people who don’t like spice can enjoy them.

The overall taste of red ranch and Arby’s sauce remains the same since no other ingredient is altered or removed. If you don’t mind a spicy kick in your sandwich, stick to Arby’s sauce.

However, trying out their red ranch to understand its unique taste would be best. It would pair well with any beef or meat sandwich you order at Arby’s. 

Is Arby’s Sauce And Red Ranch The Same Thing?

No, Arby’s sauce and their red ranch are different. They are made from similar ingredients, but the red ranch sauce doesn’t use cayenne pepper.

As I’ve said, there is only a minute difference between the two sauces. However, no matter how slight the difference, the two sauces are not the same.

One is perfect for people who have low spice tolerance levels. I would pick the red ranch when I am not hungry for spicy food.

It’s not like Arby’s sauce is super spicy, but the pepper does add a good amount of heat. You can try the ref ranch if it becomes too much for you.

The best thing about red ranch is that it tastes similar to Arby’s sauce. Therefore, you can experience the taste of the original sauce.

Can You Buy Arby’s Red Ranch Sauce?

Arby’s has yet to make plans to sell its red ranch sauce. Arby’s only has their Horsey Sauce and Arby’s Sauce available for sale at stores.

While you will find two Arby’s sauces at the store, the red ranch is surprisingly not one of them. I need to find out why Arby’s is not selling its red farm.

The reason may be its lesser popularity. Their red ranch sauce is less famous than their Arby sauce.

Many people don’t even know that a red ranch sauce from Arby’s exists and can be added to meals. Therefore, the company might have thought that the surface would sell less.

The rising popularity of the sauce will make Arby’s consider selling them at the store. You must get it with your meals or drive them home.

How To Make Arby’s Red Ranch Sauce?

If you are a die-hard fan of Arby’s red ranch sauce, you should know its recipe. Thankfully, I have made their red ranch sauce at home and have the perfect recipe.

All you need to do is get ketchup, water, onion powder, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and apple cider vinegar. You have to mix these ingredients to make the perfect red ranch sauce. 

You can then freeze the sauce and use it whenever you want. Make sure you refrigerate the sauce; otherwise, it will go wrong.

The best part about the recipe is that you don’t need to cook anything. You can make the sauce anytime and use it with your daily meals.

Final Remarks 

So, I am sure you know more about Arby’s Red Ranch sauce. I know that only a few people have been properly introduced to this sauce, and some don’t even know they are at Arby’s. 

However, this article can introduce people to red ranch and its great taste. If you have yet to try it, walk into a store today and enjoy it with your favorite sandwich.

If you missed the essential parts of this article, here’s a quick recap.

Arby’s red ranch is a sauce similar to Arby’s sauce. However, the red ranch sauce lacks the spicy zing imparted by the cayenne pepper.