What Do Blue Takis Taste Like? (Surprising!)

Blue Takis are rolled tortilla corn chips artificially flavoured in a hot chilli pepper mix.

Blue Heat Takis is an extra spicy pack of corn chips that claim to leave the tastebuds begging for more. There is a hint of lime and citrus flavour in the mix, and are just a little bit less spicy than Fuegos.

Despite the sudden spike of interest in these bags of chips, what do they actually taste like? Are these the hottest Takis?

In this article, we will be covering the taste and flavours of Blue Heat Takis. I will talk about what it is made of or whether are they as healthy as they might seem for corn tortillas.

Let us find what Blue Heat Takis actually taste like and what different natural and artificial ingredients, flavours, and preservatives are used in it.

What Flavour Is Blue Takis?

Blue Takis

Blue Heat Takis has a very distinct citrusy and spicy flavour. 

They are said to be coated with one of the spiciest chilli pepper artificial flavours, and the rolled shape of the corn tortilla chip designs holds more pepper seasoning than a normal chip.

Apart from the eccentric colour (yes, they’re blue), you can also taste a hint of lime in the chips that might prove to be of help while eating these spicy chips.

Blue Heat Takis are a hit amongst consumers despite being a limited edition flavour and on the pricier side compared to the other bags of chips.

Is Blue Takis The Hottest?

No, Takis Fuego is said to be the hottest flavour and a mainstay of the brand.

Blue Heat Takis are hot but not as hot as Fuego as Blue Takis have a hint of lime and citrus that dampens the spice levels.

Fuego’s seasoning is made from one of the hottest chilli peppers and a hint of lime and is considered the spiciest of all the varieties. 

The purple packaging attracts instant attention but people often complain about how difficult it is to eat the bag due to low spice tolerance.

Thus, it is evident that Blue Heat Takis are preferred because they have high spice levels. However, the heat is not too painful. 

What Are Blue Takis Made Of?

Blue Takis are made from rolled corn tortilla chips that are mixed with the spicy seasoning mix and artificial flavours that enhance their look as well as taste. 

Blue Heat Takis is the hottest flavour of the bran (in the US) – both in flavour and popularity. 

The tortilla chips are made from corn flour and processed with lime, and finally rolled into shape. Artificial colours and flavours are also added to enhance the flavour of every bite.

Vegetable oils, like canola, soybean, and palm oils are used to fry and process the chips.

The seasoning mix is made by adding various spices, but mainly pepper, chilli powder, citric acid, sugar, salt, onion powder, etc. Natural and artificial flavours are also used to ensure the chips do not go stale due to overexposure to the spices.

Yeast is also used to increase the fermentation process.

However, certain concerns have constantly been raised over the making of the takis.

Not only has it raised nutrition concerns, but the takis are also made from genetically engineered crops that might be harmful to the human body over time.

EWG, Eat Well Guide, has rated the chips to be in the category of high concern with more than an 8.0 score, 1.0 being the best score and 10.0 being the worst.

Are Blue Takis Healthy?

Blue Heat Takis are certainly not healthy and should not be consumed daily, especially when you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Not only are they one of the lowest ranked chips, but the nutritional facts on the bag of chips are a clear indicator that it is high in sodium and low in other important nutrients.

These supposedly healthy corn chips lack important nutrients and offer only small amounts of iron and protein as compared to the whopping amount of processed fats and calories.

Takis have a high sodium content in them, amounting to more than 390 grams in each 1-ounce serving (about 12 chips).

A high sodium diet can lead to high blood pressure and stomach cancer. Studies have shown that Americans should limit their sodium consumption to 2300 grams per day to lead healthier lives.

Highly processed foods, like takis, should also be avoided as they can irritate the lining of your stomach if consumed in large amounts.

Thus, not only do they lack in calories, fats, carbohydrates, and sodium but are deficient in important vitamins and minerals. Studies over time have shown that consumption of takis leads to higher chances of risking heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

Final Remarks

In this article, we tried to understand that Blue Heat Takis is one of the spiciest limited edition flavours of the Takis brand. It has a citrusy lime flavour, apart from the hot chilli pepper seasoning, which makes the flavour burst in the mouth with every bite.

Let’s take a quick look at what we discussed in the article above:

What do blue takis taste like? Blue Takis are rolled corn tortilla chips that taste like a hot chilli pepper mix and also have a hint of citrusy lime flavour. They are highly processed chips, and might be unhealthy for the gut on an everyday basis.