Can Subway Make You Sick? (Be SAFE!)

Subway, in most probability, will not make you sick because of their strict cleanliness policy and use of fresh ingredients. However, there is always a slight chance of getting sick from processed food, no matter the brand.

In the past, there have been some shortcomings on the part of Subway in maintaining hygiene and food safety standards.

However, the company has also taken the necessary steps to combat this problem. It has now improved its dishes and updated its food policies to avoid situations like these.

I have been a regular customer of Subway so I can tell you firsthand my personal experience with their dishes. While focusing on their subs, I will also talk about their salads and wraps that have come under question.

If you are scared to try Subway and are afraid of catching food poisoning, you must read this article. Here, I will discuss the food safety questions at Subway and whether the subs are actually healthy or not.

Are Subway Subs Healthy?

Can Subway Make You Sick?

Subway subs are mostly healthy and are made from fresh ingredients every day. However, due to the negligence of a few stores, there might be a slight possibility of getting a stale or contaminated sub.

Factually speaking, there have been numerous complaints about Subway in the past. Customers have complained about stale food, cross-contamination of veg and non-veg products, incorrect orders, and health safety issues.

Some people have even suffered from food poisoning after having a Subway. While having their food might cause a minor stomach upset, it is usually due to allergies.

Earlier, there were a few stores that neglected the standard hygiene practices of the company. You had to bear the risk of becoming sick after eating their subs.

But now Subway has tightened the rules of hygiene and safety policies of their brand. They always reveal their source of products and suppliers to make it more transparent for customers.

Additionally, they have increased their prices to ensure only the freshest product reaches their customers. They have even dispelled rumors of their meat not being genuine.

However, a few people still felt that some stores don’t take these policies seriously. If you encounter a store like this, you can always make a formal complaint to the brand through their email or customer care numbers.

Subway allows people to report stores that don’t practice standard hygiene procedures. You would get discounts and refunds if their product were the sole reason for your sickness.

If you find any ingredient in your sub that will make you have an allergic reaction, you can have the staff remove them. You must voice out your allergies before placing an order at Subways.

They are always ready to substitute those ingredients with anything else. Depending on your allergies and preferences, the server may even recommend a particular sub. 

Which Subway Is The Healthiest?

The veggie delight subway is the healthiest option on their menu. It is free from fried ingredients and perfect for a keto diet.

Subway has a lot of options to choose from. All their subs have free veggie add-ons, and you can add as much stuffing as possible.

Their high content of veggies means that all their subs are more or less healthy. However, there is a sub that is the most healthy option out of them all.

Veggies delight sub is a vegetarian sub that is the healthiest option available. It only contains a mix of fresh vegetables and a slice of cheese with sauces.

If you are a vegan eater or want to avoid excess calories, you can opt for a veggie delight sub with no cheese.

Removing the cheese makes it even more healthy than usual.

However, since the veggie delight has nothing fries, it is the best one. You can even choose a wheat bread or a flatbread to cut down on carbs.

Additionally, if you are avoiding carbs, you must steer clear of the soya subs or those with falafel. They have high carbs that can mess with your keto diet.

A veggie salad or a veggie wrap may also be a good option for people who do not want subs. Among the protein subs, the rotisserie chicken should be the healthiest option.

Is Subway Healthier Than McDonald’s?

Subway is healthier than McDonald’s due to its food quality. Cold subs made from fresh ingredients are way healthier than deep-fried McDonald’s.

If you think a bit deeper, McDonald’s food is bound to be more unhealthy. Everything at McDonald’s is either fried or contains a ton of oil. 

According to many studies, McDonald’s food has a lot of carbohydrates and processed sugars. These are extremely harmful to the body and make McDonald’s unhealthy to eat.

On the other hand, a cold sub, salad, or wrap is neither deep-fried nor drenched in oil. They are either baked or have a small percentage of fried filling.

Additionally, Subway has a lot of fresh veggies that are rich in fiber and nutrients. They are perfect for people who want to check their calorie intake.

A burger from McDonald’s has a fried patty that kind of takes away from the healthiness of their food. On the other hand, there is no such worry about having a rotisserie chicken or roast beef sub at Subway. 

A salad or wrap at Subway also doesn’t contain many calories that will harm your body. Avoid pairing your Subway with coke and chips, and you will be good to go.

You can choose their veggie delight sub or salad to get the best of Subway without compromising your health. You can also opt out of unhealthy ingredients that McDonald’s doesn’t allow.

Final Remarks

I’m pretty sure now you know more about the food at Subway.

The brand is better than other fast-food chains like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King. You can pick a veggie sub here and be happy about not consuming too many calories.

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve discussed in this article.

Subway won’t make you sick unless you are allergic to the items used in the particular sub. If a subway outlet sells stake food, you can report them on the company website.