Does Arby’s Have Ice Cream? (Price and Types)

Arby’s sadly doesn’t have ice cream on its menu. Instead, they have ice cream blended milkshakes in the beverage section.

Most fast food outlets around the country have ice cream on their menu.

Some eateries like McDonald’s do serve ice cream, but their machine seems to be broken at all times. Now, when it comes to Arby’s, people often wonder if this is the case.

If you look up Arby’s menu, you will be disappointed with the dessert section. In this article, I will tell you whether you will find ice cream on their menu and what the deal is about.

Can You Get Ice Cream At Arby’s?

Does Arby's Have Ice Cream?

No, Arby’s doesn’t serve ice cream. Customers can get ice-cream blended milkshakes at all outlets but not ice cream in a cup.

It seems strange that a big joint like Arby’s made a poor dessert menu. While some options exist for people with a sweet tooth, ice cream is not one of them.

What’s more baffling about Arby’s is that they serve blended ice cream milkshakes. Then why do they don’t they fit the real deal?

Their only solution seems to be removing ice cream from their menu entirely. They could use pre-made ice cream for shakes, and people won’t complain about it.

Arby’s is right on this part because their milkshakes are famous. No matter what their reason is, the sad fact is that you cannot get ice cream at any outlet of Arby’s. 

After making many changes to their menu, they could have brought one or two flavors. But they seem to have an extreme aversion towards the cold dessert entirely.

It would have made a lot of kids happier if they served some at the stores. Hopefully, they will listen to the demands of their customers and do something soon.

You might have to stick to drinking milkshakes until they decide about this. Alternatively, you can try their cream pie which tastes good enough after a nice sandwich.

Does Arby’s Use Real Ice Cream For Their Milkshakes?

Yes, Arby’s does use natural ice cream for their milkshakes. You will even find some nice ice cream floats at the store.

In a recent addition to their menu, Arby’s has also introduced Ice cream floats. Naturally, this means they do have to get natural ice cream to make the dish.

Additionally, their milkshakes are made with ice cream. They blend the ice cream with milk to make the drink smoother and creamier.

This step makes their milkshakes so deliciously good. You can even taste the richness of the ice cream in the beverage if you taste it properly.

Since Arby’s believes in using fresh and high-quality products, its ice cream is also authentic.

What Kind Of Ice Cream Shakes are Available At Arby’s?

Caramel Cinnamon Shake, Chocolate Shake, Jamocha Shake, and Vanilla Shake are currently available at Arby’s. All these shakes are made from natural ice cream.

Although the recipe for making these milkshakes is unknown, these are all available flavors. Sometimes, Arby’s may introduce unique flavors like orange, mango, strawberry, etc.

However, the unique flavors are only available for a limited time. You must wait for Arby’s to bring back the taste if you have missed them.

Does Arby’s Still Have Creamsicle Shakes?

Creamsicle Shakes at Arby’s are only available in the summer and for a limited period. It was reintroduced this summer for a relatively short time.

The Creamsicle Shakes at Arby’s are not on their regular menu. They are only brought in for a short time for special occasions.

There have been rumors that Arby’s may bring them back for the fall, but there is no sign of it so far. The customers seem to enjoy the Creamsicle Shakes from these outlets, so they may reintroduce it soon enough.

It would be best if you watched out for any announcements on their official social media pages. They will surely post about bringing back this delicious dessert to your loyal customers.

If you have an Arby’s outlet nearby, you can also ask at the counter about updates. Employees at Arby’s are usually informed about these decisions, so there are chances they may know more about the topic.

Final Remarks 

I know it’s rather disappointing that they don’t serve ice cream. 

However, you can always visit a dedicated ice cream store to get a dessert after your meal. Their milkshakes are also a good compromise for ice cream since they are rich and delicious.

Here’s a quick recap of this article.

Arby’s doesn’t precisely sell ice creams for desserts. However, they blend ice cream in their shakes and have introduced floats for the summer.