Does Arby’s Have Milkshakes? (Price and Types)

Arby’s does serve milkshakes for dessert. Currently, they have three regular flavors of milkshakes, along with limited edition ones.

Milkshakes have become a top favorite sweet beverage of people. They taste heavenly and are the perfect cooler for the summer.

Now, Arby’s has an uncomplicated menu when it comes to desserts.

But do they have milkshakes? Well, if you are looking for an answer, you will find it in this article. I am a regular at Arby’s, so I will tell you all you need to know about their milkshakes. 

Can You Get Milkshakes At Arby’s?

Does Arby's Have Milkshakes?

Yes, Arby’s does sell milkshakes. There are three types of milkshakes available on their dessert menu.

You are missing out if you are yet to try the milkshakes at Arby’s. Their milkshakes are heavenly and beat all other outlets.

The pricing on these milkshakes is also reasonable, so you won’t be paying a fortune for a single cup. Arby’s has not one but three different flavors of milkshakes for its customers.

Please choose your favorite among the bunch and have it with their unique sandwiches. Their milkshakes have an ice cream base that makes them rich, smooth, and delicious.

Combined with their secret flavoring syrups, these milkshakes can compete with other reputed outlets in the price range. They are available at all outlets across the USA.

All you need to do is walk into any Arby’s outlet and order one. They will be available under the dessert menu.

You will even get extra whipped cream on top on request. If you are having a meal, you can get a combo with milkshakes at a discounted price. Some outlets even offer free milkshakes for senior citizens above 55 years of age.

What Type Of Milkshakes Does Arby’s Have?

Arby’s had three types of milkshakes made from an ice cream base. The flavors available for milkshakes are vanilla, coffee, and chocolate. 

Now, they serve certain milkshake flavors as a part of their special menu. Their Creamsicle Shakes are a part of their limited-time menu and are usually available in the summer.

These unique flavors are all introduced quickly and repeated at intervals. People who frequent Arby’s always look out for their new milkshakes whenever they visit.

All milkshakes available are made from natural ice cream, along with milk and syrup. The top-quality ingredients make the milkshakes delicious.

You may also get your hands on their special milkshakes around the destined season. Moreover, the prices of these milkshakes are reasonable, so you can always try different flavors in one go.

However, you must note that the whipped cream offered with the milkshake only comes in vanilla flavor. You will find other flavors and toppings on special occasions. 

How Much Is A Shake At Arby’s?

Milkshakes SizesPrice

Now, the milkshakes at Arby’s don’t have different pricing based on flavors. The pricing differs on the serving size.

Arby’s has three serving sizes for all three flavors and their specials. Their milkshake sizes are small, medium, and large.

You can choose your preferred serving, and the price will be adjusted accordingly. The overall cost will be much less when you buy milkshakes in a combo meal.

Additionally, outlets may run special offers that will provide discounts on milkshakes purchased during this time. I always go for the medium serving since I need more than the small one to enjoy its great taste.

Special shakes at Arby’s might have different pricing based on the preparation. They will also come in three serving sizes.

However, the pricing may differ since they are special shakes with a complicated making process. You will have to wait for the exact pricing of unique flavors until they are reintroduced. 

For regular flavors, the pricing is as listed on the menu unless there is a price hike. Even if they raise the price, it will be the same for the three regular flavors.

Are Arby’s Milkshakes Made With Real Ice Cream?

Yes, Arby’s milkshakes are made with natural ice cream. All milkshakes have real vanilla ice cream as their base.

Since Arby’s doesn’t serve ice cream on its dessert menu, people assume that the milkshakes are just milk and cream.

However, that is not the case at all. Arby’s does use natural ice cream to make their milkshakes thicker and creamier. Most of their milkshakes have vanilla ice cream as their base.

This helps the milkshake to have a thicker and more flavorful base. When you drink their milkshakes, you will taste the richness of the ice cream that has been blended into the beverage.

Final Remarks

Milkshakes at Arby’s might be your new favorite. Their fantastic taste is sure to make you their regular customer.

If you want to try their seasonal specials, you need to be on the lookout for their social media pages. You will find fantastic offers on these pages on their food and beverages.

Before I sign off, here’s a quick recap of the article.

Milkshakes are available at all Arby’s outlets in the USA. There are three different kinds of milkshake flavors on their regular dessert menu.