Does Arby’s Have Salad? (Price and Types)

Arby’s does serve salads to customers. They have two salads in both veg and non-veg variants.

Salads are some of the healthiest meals one can have in a day. They are packed with nutrition and contain fresh vegetables that are always good for the body.

The low-calorie count of salads also makes it a keto-friendly meal and great for people who want to lose weight. They taste fresh and can be made with a variety of ingredients. 

While fast food restaurants are known to have deep-fried and unhealthy food, some outlets like Arby’s are slowly changing their menu to accommodate healthy options.

I will tell you about Arby’s salads and their variations in this article. Additionally, I will include details on how their salads are made and which would be the best choice for a meal.

Can You Get A Salad At Arby’s?

Yes, you can order a salad at Arby’s. Arby’s currently has two varieties of salads for people looking for a low-calorie meal.

When we think about Arby’s, we can only imagine its decadent sandwiches and curly fries. However, these are only some of the items on their extensive menu.

Unlike many other fast food outlets, Arby’s listens to people’s demands. They have decided to accommodate people who want a moderate meal full of calories.

Arby’s is now serving salads for all those fitness enthusiasts who watch their diet. All their outlets offer two different types of salads for customers. They can be ordered separately at the counter.

The two salads available at Arby’s include Farmhouse Salad and Side Salad. The farmhouse salad is a non-veg salad with roast turkey or chicken.

The side salad is entirely vegetarian and can be enjoyed by everyone. You may even find some unique salads if you are lucky enough.

What’s In Arby’s Side Salad?

Arby’s side salad contains only three primary ingredients. They only use lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese to make the side salad.

The salad has been kept simple and contains only a light Italian dressing and veggies. Arby’s Side Salad is the perfect definition of a minimalistic salad.

It is not only fresh but also relatively low in calories. This salad is a vegetarian dish, and non-veg versions are unavailable.

You can even get this salad for free in combo meals. You can ask at the counter to replace the curly fries in your combo with the side salad.

And you can always ask for extra sauce if you want extra flavor in your side salad. You can then mix this sauce with the salad and enjoy it anytime.

However, while the side salad is rich in nutrients, it lacks taste. It is a humble salad, so you cannot expect it to taste like the sandwiches you buy at Arby’s. 

Does Arby’s Have Lettuce Salads?

Yes, Arby’s does have lettuce salads. Both their farmhouse and side salads have lettuce as their primary ingredient.

Their side salad can be called an authentic lettuce salad since it only contains lettuce and tomato with cheese. While the preparation may sound uninteresting, it is a great side dish with sandwiches.

The farmhouse salad at Arby’s also has lettuce and tomatoes as the primary vegetables. However, the show stealer becomes the beacon and the roast chicken or turkey.

However, these are the only two salad options you will find at Arby’s. They may bring unique seasonal salads, but you still won’t have a lot of choices.

Luckily all salads at Arby’s contain lettuce so that you can enjoy a nice salad regardless of their small menu.

Does Arby’s Serve Non-veg Salads?

Yes, Arby’s does sell non-veg salads for meat lovers. You will choose roast turkey or chicken with your farmhouse salad.

Out of the two meager salads available at Arby’s, one has animal protein. The farmhouse salad is designed as a non-veg salad for meat eaters.

However, even here, the choice of meat is minimal. You can only choose from either turkey or chicken breast.

There is no option for beef or fish. However, they do contain bits of bacon along with the white meat.

The poor state of Arby’s salads makes it difficult to choose healthy food outlets. People would be more willing to try if they introduced newer non-veg salads, especially with other animal proteins.

Hopefully, they will take heed of their customer’s suggestions and come up with new salad dishes soon. Until then, we will have to make do with our two options.

Final Remarks 

You now know everything about the salads at Arby’s. I know their salads could be more interesting, but at least they have some options on their menu.

Compared to other outlets like McDonald’s and KFC, they are at least trying to have healthy options. In the future, the company will introduce more salads for its customers.

Before finishing this article, here is a quick recap of everything I’ve discussed. 

Arby’s has two salad items on its menu. There is one veg side salad and another non-veg farmhouse salad for customers.