Does Arby’s Have Shakes? (Menu Items and Prices)

Arby’s does sell milkshakes at their store. You will find around three milkshake flavors at stores, but they also add new flavors from time to time.

Shakes are a pretty popular beverage in today’s time.

They have also become a staple among fast food chains as they pair well with food dishes. Shakes are also easy to make and don’t require a lot of ingredients. 

Arby’s is also a popular place and choice for people’s daily meals. Most customers also look for milkshakes with their meals.

If you visit Arby’s regularly, you need to read this article. I will tell you about their signature milkshakes and where you can get them.

Can You Order Milkshakes At Arby’s?

Does Arby's Have Shakes?

Yes, you can order milkshakes are Arby’s. They have three different flavors you can choose from.

While Arby’s doesn’t have a vast selection of beverages, they have shakes. You will find them at any store across the USA.

Arby’s milkshakes are made from ice cream and sugar syrup. They use natural ice cream to make their milkshake base.

Vanilla ice cream is the preferred flavor used to create these fantastic shakes. It gives Arby’s milkshakes its classic thick and creamy consistency.

The regular menu of Arby’s includes three different varieties of milkshakes. These are chocolate, vanilla, and Jamocha. 

Sometimes, Arby’s introduces special milkshakes like Mint, Orange, Berry, etc. These unique flavors are only available for a limited time.

If any of their special milkshakes appeal to you, keep an eye on their social media handles. You will get all their announcements on Arby’s social media pages.

You can also check with the stores to see if they have already started serving the unique drinks. They will be priced slightly higher than their usual milkshakes. 

Their milkshakes come in three different sizes as well. You can order anything from small, medium, and large.

The prices of milkshakes vary according to size and not flavor. The smallest size will cost you around $2.19.

What Kind Of Shakes Do Arby’s Have?

Arby’s has three kinds of shakes or milkshakes. These three flavors include vanilla, chocolate, and jamocha.

However, they do introduce new flavors from time to time. 

They do have some seasonal specials that are available for a short time. For all other flavors, you can order them anytime you like.

All their shakes are blended with natural ice cream. They use very little milk but mostly use ice cream and syrups.

If you are expecting a very light and watery drink, Arby’s shakes will not be it. What you will get at Arby’s will be a fantastic glass of thick, creamy goodness.

However, you should note that Arby’s doesn’t have a dairy-free shake option. You cannot replace the dairy ice cream in the shake with any alternatives as you can do at Starbucks. 

The unique flavors are usually available around the festive season, so look out for the new ones today. You might hit the jackpot and find a new one at the store.

Is Arby’s Mint Shake Seasonal?

Yes, Arby’s Mint shake is a seasonal milkshake. It is usually available around the winter season.

Arby’s Mint shake is also a prevalent flavor that people love. With a dash of chocolate sauce, the drink is perfect for a cold winter evening.

No wonder Arby likes to keep the Mint Shake around in winter. It has a very Christmasy feel and would be a good beverage with dinner.

What Is Arby’s New Shake?

Arby’s New Shake is their caramel Cinnamon Shake, a classic winter flavor. You can order this shake at any Arby’s store nearby.

The caramel cinnamon shake has become quite famous among its other flavors. It is a classic combination where nothing can go wrong.

You will feel like you are drinking a whole cinnamon roll.

It’s a perfect Christmas drink and can be enjoyed with some s’mores by a fire. You might find a fantastic deal if you buy two shakes together.

You can also choose a combo with a sandwich to make a complete meal.

However, I should warn you. Arby’s New shakes might be slightly more expensive than their regular ones. However, the difference is not huge, so it won’t make you go broke for one drink.

Final Remarks 

So, if you are a fan of shakes, this article was enjoyable for you. As a frequent visitor of Arby’s, I recommend having these shakes at least once.

If you are looking for seasonal shakes, keep an eye on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. They will post all relaunch ads on their social media handle.

Here’s a quick recap if you haven’t read the article thoroughly.

You will get three varieties of shakes at Arby’s – chocolate, vanilla, and jamocha. They also bring in some special seasonal shakes from time to time.