Does Arby’s Have Soup? (Price and Types)

Some outlets of Arby’s do offer soup to customers. However, it is not a part of their regular menu.

Winter is near, and the soup season is making a complete comeback. Soup is one of the best things to have on a cold winter evening when you are freezing your bones off at work or home.

If you want to know more about the soups available at Arby’s, you need to read this article.

I will give you all the deets about ordering soups at Arby’s. I will also include extensive information on their soups and whether you should call them.

Can You Order Soup At Arby’s?

Does Arby's Have Soup?

Yes, you can order soup at Arby’s. However, the option for soup is only available in limited outlets for a short time.

Since soups are making a comeback, people have been looking to find good eateries that sell them. However, the only affordable options that seem to appear in most places at fast food stores. 

Red Lobster, The Cheesecake Factory, and Chick-fil-A serve soup, among many other items. When it comes to Arby’s, their menu could be more straightforward.

But other popular food chains like McDonald’s, Popeye, KFC, Burger King, etc., don’t usually have soups on their menu.

Arby’s does sell soup, but only some of the time. Additionally, you won’t find them in all outlets since the company doesn’t have them on its regular menu.

It is challenging to pinpoint precisely where you will find Arby’s soup. You can always walk up to a counter and ask if they sell soup.

However, most company-owned outlets won’t be serving it. It’s mostly the franchise outlets that serve soup for customers.

Even then, Arby’s has minimal options when it comes to soup. Their only serving soup is the classic Arby’s chicken noodle soup that was around last year.

Though they are sold at some stores, finding them will take time and effort. Coupled with the bad reputation of soups at Arby’s, it isn’t worth searching for soup.

Does Arby’s Have Chicken Noodle Soup?

Yes, some outlets of Arby’s still serve chicken noodle soup. They come in three serving sizes and have varied pricing.

Now, if you look up the company’s regular menu, you won’t find options for chicken noodle soup. However, Arby’s still sells soup.

Since very few outlets have Arby’s chicken noodle soup, you may have to do some sleuthing. I recommend finding franchise outlets and asking them if they sell soup.

If your city has multiple outlets of Arby’s, you can always visit one and ask if the other outlets have soup. Their noodle soup is mainly seasonal, so you may need to call up the outlet before ordering one.

What’s The Healthiest Soup At Arby’s?

The soups at Arby’s are not very healthy. However, their chicken noodle soup is somewhat more nutritious than other options.

While soups are pretty healthy, the ones at Arby’s don’t cut it. I mean, I have tried soups but have been highly disappointed so far.

They don’t taste that good and have a tonne of sodium. This is particularly alarming because so much salt is harmful to the body.

Eat their salads if you want to try out healthy options at Arby’s. While they may not sound fascinating, they are healthy and perfect for a keto diet.

What Is Arby’s Bringing Back?

Arby’s is all set to bring back its Wagyu Burger. This item was on sale this summer, and its popularity has overtaken Arby’s.

That’s right. Arby’s has finally decided to relaunch its Wagyu Burger. While the name may sound intimidating, the burger is pretty reasonably priced.

The reason for its excellent pricing is that there is only a tiny amount of Wagyu in the patty. However, the taste of the burger is genuinely unbeatable and a must-try at Arby’s. 

The Diablo Dare Chicken Sandwich and fries have also been reintroduced recently. You can order them right now from Arby’s stores across the USA.

Final Remarks

So, I’m sure you now know if Arby’s sells soups. While you might be tempted to try them, I recommend you pass.

I mean, it’s not very healthy or tasty anyway. Why waste your money on Arby’s soup when you can go anywhere else?

Here is a quick recap of this article.

Arby’s does sell soup at selected outlets. However, they are not very tasty and are loaded with sodium.