Does Arby’s Still Sell Onion Rings? (SOLVED)

Arby’s has started selling onion rings that they had discontinued previously. Their new Steakhouse Onion rings are now served to customers at all outlets.

There had been an uproar in the crowd when Arby’s discontinued their onion rings. Those crispy and juicy pieces of heaven were quite a favorite among the regulars of Arby’s.

I used to be a massive fan of their Onion Rings because they were delicious. I wanted to know what seasoning they used to make those fries so good in their batter.

Naturally, when it disappeared, the customers, including me, were sad.

For the longest time, people were still determining whether they were still available at Arby’s. Now, I might have the answer to this question.

If you are someone who has been missing Arby’s onion rings, this article is a must-read for you. I will tell all the deets about their onion rings and whether they are on their regular menu.

Does Arby’s Still Sell Onion Rings?

Does Arby's Still Sell Onion Rings?

Yes, Arby’s still sells Onion rings at all outlets. They had been discontinued previously, but on popular demand, they are back again.

That’s right. Arby’s onion rings have come back in the American fast food market.

We all love some gold old crispy fried onions with a heavy sandwich or sub. Arby’s has been wise to bring back their onions to satiate the demands of their customers.

Surprisingly, many people expressed their disappointment when they found the onion rings gone. It’s not exactly sure why Arby’s made this horrible decision of scraping the item from their menu.

They might have thought the item redundant or underestimated people’s love for onion rings. Alternatively, they may have removed the article to encourage people to try other sides of the menu.

No matter the reason, Arby quickly understood that they had made a wrong decision. Imagine my surprise when I walked into a store and suddenly found onion rings on their menu.

Their onion rings are now named Steakhouse Onion Rings and can be found on their side menu. You can order them at any outlet by asking for their onion rings.

The Steakhouse Onion Rings have been priced at $2.29 for a single box. Each box of Onion rings contains five moderate size rings.

You can always go for another box if the quantity sounds too little for your appetite. The excellent taste of these onion rings can easily beat their curly fries.

What Is Arby’s Most Popular Item?

The most popular item at Arby’s is their Classic Roast Beef Sandwich and their curly fries. Their Diablo Chicken Sandwich and onion rings are other popular items on their menu.

Arby’s is one place that has a large assortment of delicious food. Surprisingly, almost all dishes at Arby’s have been a hit among the customers.

However, like any other place, Arby’s does have some customer favorites. The classic roast beef sandwich is the top favorite food from Arby’s that everyone seems to like.

I’m not going to lie, but this is my favorite too. And, of course, combined with curly fries, the meal is easily my best choice for lunch.

Curly fries are another top favorite of people and the best item on their side menu. The roast beef sandwich and curly fries are a classic Arby’s order anywhere.

From my observation, I have also seen most people ask for this order when they walk up to the counter. Alternatively, I sometimes opt for their Diablo Chicken Sandwich, another popular item.

What Is Arby’s New Menu Item?

The Wagyu Steakhouse Burger is the newest item on Arby’s menu. This is the first burger item to be added to the menu after 58 years.

Arby’s launched their Diablo Dare Chicken Sandwich in January, an instant hit. Hopefully, this sandwich will return this fall and stay here.

There is a complete combo of the Diablo Dare Chicken Sandwich with Diablo Fries and a shake. The shake is offered for free to help people tone down the effects of the spicy burger.

The company has also included the Hushpuppy Breaded Fish Strips as a brand-new item. This one is specially designed for seafood lovers who need more than beef or chicken.

Does Arby’s Give A Senior Discount?

Yes, Arby’s does offer a special discount for seniors. They have a special 10% off for senior customers over 55.

The lesser-known fact about Arby’s is that they have some great benefits for elders. Some outlets even give senior citizens free drinks on other purchases.

This is just one example of the goodwill of Arby’s. They know how to treat senior citizens right.

If you are someone over 55, you will quickly get a special discount if you ask at the counter. Please note that sometimes you may have to ask for a discount at the counter, as they don’t want to estimate anyone’s age.

Final Remarks

I’m sure you now know the great perks of dining at Arby’s. Their fantastic menu with new and classic items is a hit among customers.

This is precisely what makes Arby’s such a popular fast-food outlet. You can now enjoy their classics like beef sandwiches and onion rings at any outlet in the country.

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve discussed in this article. 

Arby’s has reintroduced the onion rings on its menu. Their Steakhouse Onion Rings are available for $2.29 at all outlets in the USA.