Does Arby’s Have Fish? (Items and Prices)

Arby’s sells fish items, among other meat products. They have a good number of fish sandwiches on their regular menu.

I know many people who have picked up a preference for fish items of late. It seems to me that they enjoy the taste of seafood items much better than others.

Arby’s is a popular destination for sandwich lovers. People already know that it is relatively rare to find seafood sandwiches anywhere in the country.

Unique places serve these special sandwiches for fish lovers. Now, is Arby’s one of these individual fast-food chains?

That’s what we’ll be covering in this article. As a regular of Arby’s, I will give some great information on their seafood explorations.

Can You Order Fish At Arby’s?

Does Arby's Have Fish?

Yes, you can order fish items at Arby’s. They have some fantastic fish sandwiches, wraps, and sides for order.

Arby’s tagline now says they have the ‘meats.’ It was first introduced in a commercial on TV.

Its sole purpose was to encourage people to try sandwiches other than roast beef. Thankfully, it caught the audience’s attention, who promptly ordered their chicken and turkey sandwiches. 

Along with these options, there was one for fish as well. That’s right.

All this while, Arby’s sold fish, poultry, and beef products. Why will they claim to sell all the meat without including fish?

Surprisingly Arby’s has not one but more than a few fish items on their menu. There is a fish sandwich for seafood and sandwich lovers around.

You can also order a cajun fish wrap and fish strips with your meal. Their fish strips garnered much praise from people due to their taste.

It is made from—pure fish fillets, just like their other fish options. The fast food chain does use high-quality fish to keep up with their restaurant standards. 

All these preparations are made with utmost care so that people can enjoy them at the store. You can visit your nearest Arby’s and ask for their fish items if you can’t find them on the menu.

However, it would be best to remember that some outlets choose not to serve fish. To know for sure, it’s better to call the outlet beforehand and confirm their availability of fish products. 

Does Arby’s Still Have Two Fish For $6?

The two for 6 dollars fish sandwiches were a part of Arby’s this year. However, there may be a slight price hike if they come back next year.

Earlier this year, Arby’s had sold two fish for 6 dollars at stores. The offer had been around Easter, albeit for a short time.

Now, like any other item on their menu, the exact combo prices are subject to change. While it’s still being determined if Arby’s will relaunch the offer this year, it is speculated that the price will increase.

Given the present state of the economy, they may increase prices by a dollar in the upcoming year. If you see the two for 6 dollars in fish, I suggest you grab it immediately. 

Does Arby’s Have Fish Sandwiches?

Arby’s did bring back their fish sandwiches this year. They were available at the store for a short while.

The fish items at Arby’s are primarily seasonal and only available for a limited time. You need to follow their social media handles and visit their store to learn about their fish items. 

These items included their fish sandwich, a popular seasonal thing.

However, this year they decided to go for a slightly different flavor profile with their spicy fish sandwich. Their King’s Hawaiian Deluxe Sandwich and Crispy Fish Sandwich were also available.

How Much Is The New Arby’s Fish Sandwich?

Arby’s new item, the spicy fish sandwich, was priced at around $4.59. Most of their new and old fish items are available within this price range.

Arby’s fish items tend to be slightly pricey compared to other things. They use prime ingredients and fresh fish to make their sandwiches and wraps.

However, you can get two fish for 6 dollars under their promo offers. Make sure you ask for its availability at the stores when you visit Arby’s. 

In the upcoming year, they might reintroduce their fish sandwich. Yet, the price may differ slightly. 

With the prices rising everywhere, they are bound to increase the cost of their fish items to meet profit margins. You can expect a rise of about 1 dollar in the next relaunch.

Final Remarks

Now, I’m sure I have been able to tell you a lot about Arby’s fish items. Since they are only available sometimes, you need to keep an eye out for their relaunch days.

Arby’s fish sandwiches are incredibly delicious. If you have yet to try it, you definitely should.

If you still need to include something from this article, here’s a quick recap. 

Arby’s does serve fish items from time to time. You will find a variety of fish dishes like sandwiches, wraps, and sides.