Does First Watch Take Reservations? (Policy EXPLAINED)

No, First Watch does not take reservations. However, they offer a “Waitlist System” through Wisely, so be sure to call ahead of time to get on the waitlist or log into the mobile app or website to enhance your experience.

First Watch is a Florida-based American restaurant chain famous for its breakfast options. Favored by families and college students for their renowned avocado toast, smoked salmon eggs benedict, pancakes, tacos, and freshly-squeezed juice bar, there is often a long waiting time before you and your group can get a table.

But does the First Watch take reservations? If they do, how do you make one, and what does it mean to be on the First Watch Restaurant Waitlist System?

This is what we will primarily discuss in this article. We will also talk about how one applies for First Watch Waitlist and if only a certain number of individuals in a group are allowed.

We will not be going into many technicalities and will try to keep it as short as possible. For more straightforward navigation to your closest First Watch, we will also provide contact information so stick to the end.

Does First Watch Take Reservations?

Does First Watch Take Reservations?

First Watch restaurants is a Florida-based American restaurant chain that does not take reservations. More often than not, their outlets are busy, especially during breakfast.

The serving size and affordability of the meals make them favorable among prominent families or college students.

However, this also means the outlets are always bustling with people, especially if you visit them during peak hours. You will have to wait to be escorted to your table almost every time you turn up here.

On top of this, First Watch does not take reservations in the “traditional sense.” 

Understanding the shortcomings of this, First Watch instead offers an online Waitlist system or a “Call Ahead Seating” arrangement and makes this reservation by picking up a date, time, or the size of the party. 

They also offer takeouts for the First Watch guests who wish to eat but can not wait for thirty minutes or more.

What Is The Waitlist And Table Management System At First Watch?

Waitlist and Table Management System at First Watch is quite opposed to the traditional reservation system. This is to ease up and enhance the experience of the First Watch guests.

With their partnership with Wisely, First Watch has empowered its guests to make dine-in reservations using the mobile app or the website.

This has been in place since September 2020, giving a newfound experience for the guests who can now save time by making reservations ahead of time.

If you do not wish to make dine-in reservations over the internet through the website, or the mobile app, First Watch also offers a “Call Ahead” Seating arrangement at various outlets.

Before you drive to the restaurant, you are advised to call them ahead of time to get your name and number on the waitlist. You should also mention the number of people joining the party to ensure that an appropriate table is appointed for you.

Call ahead service may require you to arrive a little bit early to ensure that you can flip the tables before, so try to arrive at least 10 minutes before your estimated time for a table.

While not all outlets offer a “Call Ahead Seating” arrangement, you can call the closest First Watch restaurant to check availability. 

This not only saves you time waiting for an hour outside the restaurant but also plan your outing with your friends better.

Coming early is also better than arriving later and realizing that you have forfeited your table to another family and now have to get your name up on the wait list again.

How Do You Apply For Waitlist And Table Management System At First Watch?

You can apply for the Waitlist at First Watch by using their website or mobile app, either from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

First Watch is one of the most famous restaurant chains that allows its users to now add their names and phone numbers to the online waitlist of the closest outlet remotely.

The new mobile app allows users to check the wait times at the closest First Watch outlets and join the waitlist remotely. It also lets them browse through the menu and calculate the nutritional information of the menu or customized options.

Following is a step-by-step guide on how to join the First Watch waitlist remotely:

1. Find The Closest First Watch Outlet

You must first find the restaurant’s closest outlet to add your name to the waitlist and table management system.

You can find them on the website or the mobile app, either from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Type in your zip code or city and state name on the website to see the closest outlets to your desired location.

2. Choose The Desired First Watch Outlet

Once you have typed in your zip code or the location has been detected, the website will provide you with options to choose from the local restaurant outlets. 

If only a single restaurant is available nearby, the website will also show you that information.

However, having more than one outlet nearby will show you the distance from the selected location.

Select “Join Waitlist” once you have decided which outlet you wish to eat at.

3. Type In Your Information

Once you have clicked on the “Join Waitlist” option of the restaurant you want to join, the following window will ask you to put in all the necessary information about the person whose name the table is being booked. 

It would be best if you gave your first, last, and phone number. You will also be required to specify how many people will join your group so that an appropriate table can be booked.

You’ll furthermore require to give them your email for the restaurant to send a verification that you have joined the waitlist.

First Watch Contact Information

You can contact First Watch through their website or call their customer care number.

You can contact the First Watch restaurant chain through their website or the customer care number (941) 907-9800 or others provided on the customer service.

The customer care accessibility policy is also mentioned here to assist people with disabilities.

Final Remarks

In this article, we examined if First Watch takes reservations. We also discussed how you could apply for a Waitlist Table Management System for seating arrangements.

Let’s briefly go over this topic once again.

Does First Watch take reservations? No, First Watch does not take reservations but offers a “Waitlist System” through its website and mobile app.