Is Arby’s Roast Beef Real? (Proper TEST)

Arby’s sandwiches are made from genuine beef. While some sites have claimed otherwise, there is no solid proof that Arby’s sells fake meat.

Nowadays, people have started to pay closer attention to their food. Be it lunch or dinner, it is essential to know precisely what you are eating daily.

Some fast food restaurants have been under the heat for selling mock meat products that are not 100% meat. While it’s suitable for people looking for vegan options, it is a scam for meat lovers.

Additionally, not the meat replacements that some chains use can harm the body. People have become extra conscious when eating meat products from fast food chains.

Like Subway, Arby’s has also been the target of such speculations. People have been worried and spreading rumors that they don’t sell 100% real meat.

If you have been wondering about the same, you have come to the right place. I will detail this topic and help you understand if Arby’s has been scamming people with their sandwiches. 

Does Arby’s Use Genuine Beef?

Is Arby's Roast Beef Real?

Yes, Arby’s uses natural beef, among other ingredients. It only uses additional seasonings and preservatives to make its roast beef.

The old myth of Arby’s selling fake meat is a lie. Many people have found Arby’s meat somewhat concerning.

The food has a good health rating and nutritional value even if they contain high amounts of sodium. However, people need to accept that Arby’s serves real meat.

Time and again, the question of fake meat sandwiches has been brought up. However, the unanimous answer to all these questions is that Arby’s uses real meat.

Many people have reintroduced this myth after videos from a YouTube channel named Mashed resurfaced. The track had talked about the fake meat myth of Arby’s that was around a while back. 

However, even in their video, Mashed has accepted that there is no proof to back this claim. People who have worked at Arby’s or owned franchises have attested to this statement.

The roast beef at franchises comes in a packaged form that needs to be cut up at the store. However, the recipe to make this delicious stuffing has also been released.

The beef is marinated and roasted for 4 hours, after which they are dispatched to stores. The stores then cut up the meat in a machine and only serve it to customers on orders.

The meat stays whole if no order is placed for it. Arby’s is extra careful about its ingredients and uses only the best available. 

Therefore, all the baseless claims about their beef are rather useless. If you have trouble accepting and understanding the making process, you can ask a franchise owner to know for sure.

Is Arby’s Roast Beef Healthy?

Arby’s roast beef is more or less healthy. However, it does contain high amounts of sodium and should be eaten in limited quantities. 

Even though Arby’s sandwiches may look super unhealthy, they are not that bad. Their roast beef sandwich fares well on the health index.

The only problem with their roast beef sandwich is that it contains a lot of sodium. Now, the medical community has warned people that consuming a lot of sodium harms their health.

However, one roast beef sandwich a day won’t be highly harmful as many people would think. On the other hand, the cheddar and beef sandwich is exceptionally unhealthy due to the even higher sodium content.

The roast beef sandwich ranks well because it uses very few ingredients. The roast beef is left alone only between two sesame buns.

This allows the sandwich to have a lower amount of calories. You will be good to go if you have it without sugar-laden drinks.

Is Arby’s Beef Wagyu?

No, not all beef from Arby’s contains Wagyu. Their special Wagyu Burger is made from 52% wagyu and ground beef.

Selling whole Japanese wagyu beef at such a small price is almost impossible. A standard quality wagyu from Japan can easily cost around $200 per pound.

Arby’s is selling its roast beef sandwiches at under $4. Naturally, dealing 100% Japanese wagyu in their food is impossible.

Instead, Arby’s has introduced their wagyu burger, which is supposed to give people a taste of premium meat at a small price. They use American Wagyu and a mix of ground beef to keep a reasonable price.

For their regular beef sandwiches, they use the usual beef sourced locally. All these cuts are sourced from farms and ranches all over the USA.

What Are The Ingredients In Arby’s Roast Beef?

The Ingredients used in Arby’s roast beef are Beef, Water, Salt, and Sodium Phosphates. The meat used in the preparation is 100% genuine. 

Arby’s has kept its beef sandwiches simple. Their roast beef preparation also follows suit.

It only uses a few ingredients that have been clearly stated in the documents provided by Arby’s. Their roast beef is kept simple and easy to make it more healthy.

You won’t find a lot of flavoring agents that might make the roast overwhelming and healthy. The simple ingredients are enough to bring out the intense flavor of these sandwiches.

Final Remarks

So, I hope you have understood that Arby’s is truthful about what they serve. While it’s relatively easy to get swayed by internet rumors, investigating is always necessary.

Refrain from blindly trusting everything since it may negatively affect local companies. I’m sure you are now and can enjoy your roast beef sandwich.

If you have missed anything in this article, here’s a quick recap. 

The beef used by Arby’s is authentic. It is made from 100% meat along with a few seasoning ingredients.