Is Sangria Gluten Free? (Ingredients Used!)

Yes, Sangria is gluten free as it contains no wheat, barley, or rye ingredients.

Sangria traces its origins to Spain and Portugal during the Roman occupation of the peninsula, from where it spread to England, Greece, and eventually to the rest of the world.

It gets its name from the Spanish word for ”bloodletting” as it happens to be red. Commonly served in bars, restaurants, and festivals, it is now loved worldwide.

In this article, I will show you why and how sangria is gluten-free, how you can identify gluten-free sangrias, and how you can drink them safely.

As there are various types of sangria with unique characteristics, I will give you a brief outline that should help you the next time you’re out for a drink.

Does Sangria Have Gluten In It?

Is Sangria Gluten Free?  (Don't Buy Before Reading!)

No, sangria does not have gluten as it is generally made from no gluten-containing products.

A typical Sangria was enjoyed by tourists visiting Spain, although the locals did not drink it much. It has recently grown to become a fan favorite among millennials.

Modern sangrias outside of Spain and Portugal are vastly different from one another and use other ingredients and recipes. Still, all of them share the trait of being gluten-free.

What Is Sangria Made Out Of?

Sangria comprises red wine, sweetener, liqueur/soda/mixer, and fruits.

BaseRed WineGluten-Free
SweetenerBrown or Cane SugarGluten-Free
FruitApples or OrangesGluten-Free
Juice Orange Juice(Optional)Gluten Free

As I have shown you, all the things that make up a typical sangria are gluten-free and have no traces of wheat, barley, or rye.

There are also some pre-mixed sangrias that you can buy, and in the next section, I’ll go over two of the most popular gluten-free offerings.

Is Carlo Rossi Sangria Gluten Free?

Sangria, made by Carlo Rossi, is entirely gluten-free as it is made only from wine and sweeteners.

Carlo Rossi Sangria packs a lot of personality into a simple and company form factor. It comes with big fruit flavors, and its notes of lemon and orange are citrusy and refreshing, making it a huge success all over the country.

This sangria’s fruity taste and light body make it perfect before a night out, with an alcohol percentage of 10%. It is also really inexpensive. 

Is Capriccio White Sangria Gluten Free?

Yes, White Sangria, made by Capriccio, does not have wheat, barley, and rye and is gluten-free.

Capriccio takes a spin on the classic formula by making its sangria clear, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s not every bit as good.

Capriccio achieves this by using clear white wine instead of the classic red. As Capriccio distinguishes itself from its rivals, it demands a higher price tag. However, it is still relatively affordable at $9 a bottle.

It is a bit strong for a Sangria, coming in at close to 14%, but is loved for its crisp texture on the tongue. 

How Can I Know If A Sangria Is Gluten-Free?

It is easy to identify Gluten Free products by looking for a label on the packaging that specifies if they contain gluten.

I have listed out some famous sangrias which are gluten-free. But what if you come across one variation or recipe that isn’t listed here? Wine is usually gluten-free in all its forms. Since sangrias use red wine as their base, they are also generally gluten-free.     

However, if you still find yourself confused, a good rule of thumb would be to check the packaging to see if the bottle is labeled ”Gluten-Free” or not. Since any sangria you pick up from the market is likely to be gluten-free, you shouldn’t have much trouble.

Is Sangria Safe For People With Celiac Disease?

Yes, people with Celiac Disease can enjoy sangria as long as no extra gluten is added.

Celiac disease prevents people from eating wheat, barley, and rye as it causes an immune reaction to the gluten they consume.

Sangria isn’t a product of these grains and is only made through wine, a product of grapes. It also contains other ingredients like fruits and sweeteners that do not have gluten.

You should know that while most sangrias you find are gluten-free, they can be cross-contaminated if you aren’t careful enough.

Here are a few questions I would consider beforehand

  1. Does the sangria contain added gluten through alcohol made from grains like wheat? (Example- wheat vodka)
  2. Has the sangria been made with glasses and cutlery that might have been in contact with gluten? (Example- Contact with bread, beer, soups, etc.)

Final Remarks

It might be hard to find information on gluten-free sangrias, especially when you need it. Through this article, I hope to have cleared some of the mystery surrounding gluten-free sangrias so that you can be well-informed before your next night out.

Here’s what I want you to take away from this article:

Is Sangria Gluten Free? Yes, most, if not all, sangrias you come across are likely to be gluten-free. However, there are some chances of cross-contamination, which Celiacs must be wary about.