What Is Subway Deluxe? (More Food At Less Price!)

Subway deluxe is a special line of subs that contain more meat than standard subs. Their patties and meat slices are slightly thicker than usual.

The deluxe sub have always confused people. This is not a new fact.

People who are not frequent followers of subs from Subway might be even more confused with the options available. 

There is only a tiny difference between a normal and a deluxe sub. The deluxe version is said to have more protein or meat in it.

Now, this fact in itself is confusing. All meat subs at Subway come with an option of adding double meat.

So, what’s this all about? In this article, I will help you understand the meaning of a Deluxe sub and which meat option you should opt for.

What Do You Get In Subway Deluxe?

What Is Subway Deluxe?

The Subway Deluxe Sub is a separate option that offers more meat than usual. It contains more protein and more calories but comes at an additional price.

Usually, when people go for more meat, they choose the Double meat option. But did you know that Subway has a special sub for people wanting more meat?

That’s correct; Subway has launched a Deluxe line that is said to have a more significant portion of meat. These subs are specifically for people unsatisfied with thin slices or patties of meat in their regular subs.

These subs also come with extensive options for sauces, fillings, and toppings. Therefore, it can be considered an upgraded version of a regular sub.

People ordering the Deluxe sub will get more options to choose from and more meat as well. However, the prices of these are also on the higher side.

These subs cost way more than a regular sub. They even cost more than the Double Meat add-on, which is quite a popular option among regular customers.

You can add as many veggies as you want in regular subs, but the options for veggies are more on the deluxe sub.

If you are a Subway fan, I recommend trying out the deluxe version. It has just the right amount of fillings without being too overwhelming or underwhelming. 

However, the amount of meat used in Double Meat and Deluxe also varies. Your choice can depend on several different factors, including the budget, meat content, calorie count, and gourmet add-ons.

Can You Add Extra Meat At Subway?

Yes, it is always possible to add extra meat at Subway. Alternatively, you can choose to go for a deluxe sub which has more meat filling than normal subs.

Subway is slightly stingy when it comes to providing meat in their subs. Regular subs have a minimal amount of meat which can be rare to spot.

This is rather disappointing because the taste of meat gets lost under the mountain of veggies we all take. It is also unreasonable to lose out on the fresh and free veggies offered here.

To solve this problem, Subway encourages people to add double meat to their subs. So, what is the Double meat option?

The Double meat option allows customers to add double the amount of meat than standard subs. This add-on is available for all subs with meat content.

However, unlike loading veggies, adding double meat will cost you money. Depending on the type of meat, you will be charged a few cents to top up the meat content.

When making a Double meat order, the server will put four slices of chicken in place of two. Anything that is usually provided will be doubled in this option.

Additionally, the Double Meat option also automatically applies to cheese. Your cheese filling will also get doubled when you choose Double meat.

If you do not want the Double cheese, you can always ask them to customize it. However, in my experience, very few people opt for less cheese.

What Is The Difference Between Deluxe And Double Meat At Subway?

A deluxe sub and a double meat sub are entirely different at Subway. Double meat has more protein, while the deluxe sub has more options for fillings.

I know that I have said deluxe subs have more meat in them. This is entirely true.

According to employees on Reddit, the deluxe subs have 50% more meat than standard subs. For example, if your classic sub has two slices of meat, you will get either three slices or thicker slices in a deluxe sub.

However, you will be given 100% more meat in a double meat sub than in a standard sub. You will get double the meat filling than your regular sub.

Therefore, while the deluxe will earn you three slices, the Double Meat will earn you 4. Both subs are, however, extremely expensive and pricier than standard subs.

Another significant difference between the two options is that the Double meat subs also have double cheese. However, as usual, deluxe subs only have a single slice of cheese.

On the other hand, the Double Meat option is only applicable to adding meat and cheese. The deluxe version, however, allows more options in fillings and sauces.

To decide the best option, you need to sort out your preferences. If you want more choices with fewer calories, go for the deluxe sub.

If you want more meat and don’t care about extra fillings, you can go for double meat. You can also compare the price points and decide on your preferred option.

What Is Subway Pro?

Subway Pro is the new name given by the company to double meat options. You can select this option to get double protein on any sub.

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the add-on called ‘Pro’ at Subway. Now, this option is especially confusing when ordering online since no one can assist you.

Let me just end the mystery on that one. Subway Pro is a new name for getting a double meat add-on.

You can ask for a Subway Pro to get the meat filling on your sub doubled. In some instances, your server will confirm your order before making it.

Additionally, the tag now comes with the explanation of ‘double meat’ when you order online. You can always ask your local store for confirmation if you are still confused. 

Final Remarks

Subway can be a confusing store for people to order from. Their variety of add-ons and specials provide numerous options to choose from.

However, they can often confuse people instead of helping them decide. Their deluxe sub, especially, is difficult to understand, even if you are a regular customer.

So, here’s a quick recap of what I’ve discussed in this article. 

All Subway Deluxe subs contain 50% more meat than standard subs. Additionally, they offer more options for fillings and sauces.