Is Subway Expensive? (+ Ways To Drive Down The Price!)

Subway has become an expensive food chain in recent times. In 2022, they decided to upgrade their brand and increase prices to meet inflation.

If you are a regular at Subway, you may have noticed that their prices steadily increase. If you are a first-timer, you will be shocked by the rates offered at a Subway store.

Usually, people tend to reach for fast food because it is cheaper and readily available. However, not all fast food chains come with an affordable price tag.

People nowadays tend to go for a healthier dish for their everyday meals. Be it breakfast or a quick snack, subs from Subway have been a massive hit among people.

I have been a regular customer of Subway and have tried all their traditional and special subs. I have observed their pricing trends throughout the years, so I can tell you exactly why it has become expensive. 

In this article, I will explore the probable reasons for Subway to increase its prices to become an expensive brand. I will also highlight the rates of various Subway dishes and how you can get your money’s worth.

Are Subway Sandwiches Expensive?

Is Subway Expensive?

Subway sandwiches are pretty expensive. Their beef subs and extras can easily generate a bill of over $15.

One would expect prices like McDonald’s or Wendy’s when visiting a fast food store. However, as I’ve said before, the world has become much more complicated.

The subs at Subways have gone through a pricing change in 2022 that has many people questioning their motives. I am a massive fan of their subs, so I can give you a little insight into why this happened.

Firstly, I would like to tell you why I visit the store so much. Their subs are comparatively healthier than the food offered at many other fast-food stores.

Additionally, I like my food when it is not swimming in a truckload of oil. Subway sandwiches are baked and toasted, and their meat is also free from excess oil.

You can even add veggies and make it a healthy meal for yourself. They even offer salad for people who want to skip the bread and go straight for the veggies.

They are, however, pretty expensive, mainly because of their quality.

The brand has faced much criticism for serving stale and unhealthy food.

Subway has now taken these criticisms to heart and turned the brand around. They now work with fresh ingredients and source materials from the best suppliers in the US.

The brand is also spending a lot more to maintain hygiene standards at its stores. Additionally, maintenance costs of old stores have contributed to its expenditure. 

However, the sad part is that it is no longer affordable.

There is a simple trick to make Subway more affordable. Many subway stores allow the use of coupons for purchases.

You can easily find coupons like buy one get one free. Additionally, discounts are also frequently given to customers.

The best way to get hold of these coupons would be to stay updated with their website and social media. Additionally, you can sign up for their loyalty program to get free subs on your birthday.

What’s The Most Expensive Sub At Subway?

The most expensive sub at Subway is the Ultimate Steak footlong. This dish alone costs a total of $11.49 without any add-ons.

Subway has so many combinations that it is difficult to pinpoint the most expensive sub. The Ultimate Steak footlong sub is rather costly for a single dish. 

A single footlong of this sub will cost you over $11. However, you can always use coupons to get a free sub or even have a slight discount on the price.

Ultimate steak footlong might be the most expensive sub, but you can always add to its price. Double meat and added cheese or veggies will significantly increase the sub’s price.

You can make many subs go over the $12 mark by adding add-ons like meat or veggies. Combos can also cost way more than $20, depending on the combination you choose.

However, when eating at Subway, remember that you can always use coupons. This will allow you to enjoy your expensive subs at a lower price.

Does Subway Charge For Extra Veggies?

Subway usually doesn’t charge for extra veggies. You can add as much as you want without paying extra.

The best thing about Subway is that it lets you add free veggies. That’s entirely right.

They do not charge you any money for including veggies in their subs. People have often wondered about the limits of putting veggies in their sub.

Let me just clear that up for you. You can add as many veggies as you want. I have sometimes doubled the veggies on my sub when I felt like it.

It doesn’t cost you anything. However, you should note that too many veggies without the double meat might not be a tasty sub.

If you are a non-vegetarian, you might want to pay extra for double meat. However, if you enjoy the taste of fresh veggies, go ahead and fill it to the brim.

How Much Is a Footlong At Subway?

Subway Footlongs cost between 4.99-11.49$. The most expensive sub is 11.49 dollars, while the cheapest costs 4.99$.

It’s no surprise that, like every other brand, Subway has also increased its prices. Their $5 footlongs are long gone, and non-veg footlongs are always over $6.

The good ones will cost you as high as 8-10 dollars, depending on the protein. All these prices are exclusive of additional meat or cheese. 

Even vegetarian footlongs have become super expensive. Their cheapest veg footlong is the veggies delight which costs $4.99, which is like 5 dollars in itself. 

You will find plenty of options among footlongs if you have a budget of about 6-8 dollars at Subway. Both veg and non-veg options will be available in this price range.

Final Remarks

Subway is still one of the top fast-food chains in the USA. I prefer visiting it much more than other places that sell oily and calorie-laden food.

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve discussed in this article. 

Subway has become an expensive restaurant. Their subs start at $3.49, but you can always get discounts through coupons.