Where Does Subway Get Its Food? (REVEALED)

Subway usually sources its products locally from farmers and cultivators. It also gets a few products imported from Canada for its customers in the USA.

Sourcing ingredients for big restaurants or fast food chains can be difficult. Subway is one of the world’s leading fast-food chains that has over 400,000 stores across the globe. 

Around 60% of these stores are located in the USA alone. To run such a large chain of stores, Subway decided to source their ingredients from local farmers and producers who believed in their ideals.

They have been striving to improve their sourcing policies and have encouraged their suppliers to adopt sustainable technologies. Since sourcing all its ingredients from one place is rather complex, the brand allows its franchise stores to shop for ingredients locally.

However, Subway also sources its products from some of America’s largest producers. If you are interested in their products, you have come to the right place.

How Does Subway Source Ingredients?

Where Does Subway Get Their Food?

Subway usually sources its ingredients from local producers and cultivators. The brand ensures each supplier follows Subway’s belief in sustainability and works to become fully sustainable. 

Since Subway owns many stores worldwide, it is difficult or impossible for them to source products from a single supplier. Transporting these supplies across all stores in the USA is equally challenging.

Therefore, Subway sources its produce from several different locations. Of course, due to ethical purposes, the brand doesn’t give away all the names of its suppliers.

However, I am well aware of a few places where Subway goes to source its products. First and foremost, everyone knows they get their farm produce from local farms and even cultivators growing in glass houses. 

Their tomatoes mostly come from farmers in Ohio and Florida. They also arrive from farms in Canada, depending on the season.

Subway also selects local fisheries and fishermen to get their fish. They also use antibiotic-free fish grown in fisheries while following ethical policies.

They only use tuna fish, some of which are caught in the wild. Subway has named Rema Foods and Jana Brands as the prime importers of their fish even in 2022.

In the USA, their chicken comes from Perdue, West Liberty Foods, Keystone, and Ed Miniat.

They also source their pork and beef products from certified companies in the USA. They take strict measures to ensure that the best produce is stocked in their inventory.

Does Subway Make Its Own Bread?

Subway gets its bread from leading producers like Lineage Logistics, Southwest Baking, and Aryzta. Earlier, the brand used to make its bread fresh at the store.

Subway used to make their bread in-house at their stores. They had continued this practice for a long time.

However, like many fast-food chains, the company has slowly started to use bread made from third-party sources. In 2022, they source their bread from Lineage Logistics, Southwest Baking, and Aryzta.

These brands are all FDA-approved and follow the adequate guidelines set in place by the government. Subway supervisors also make sure to check their work from time to time. 

In some stores, the dough is sourced from outside, while the bread is made at the store itself. However, the demand and supply gap has forced most stores to opt for ready-made bread due to time efficiency. 

Where Does Subway Get Chicken?

Subway sources its chicken products locally in the USA. It usually brings chicken products from companies like Perdue, West Liberty Foods, Keystone, and Ed Miniat.

While several rumors have claimed that Subway uses only 50% chicken, the brand has used social media to expel these rumors. The brand has now revealed its chicken sources to prove the genuineness of its statement.

According to the subway website, their chicken is sourced from Perdue, West Liberty Foods, Keystone, and Ed Miniat. All these companies are located in the USA.

They are some of the top suppliers of chicken products for Subway. Since chicken subs are famous in Subway stores, the massive demand for chicken is met by sourcing cold cuts and preparations directly from a company.

The mix is made in these companies, and the final product is shipped to local stores for cooking and serving to customers. They are supplied in raw forms and need to be cooked at the store.

Some of these stores also send turkey, beef, and pork products and chicken. However, not a lot of information is available on the sourcing of these meat products.

Does Subway Use Real Cheese?

Yes, Subway does use real cheese.

Subway outlets use a variety of cheese types for their subs. The most popular variety provided includes processed cheddar, swiss cheese, mozzarella, and even feta in select locations.

While their processed cheese is not wholly cheese, it still has about 60% dairy and 40% other ingredients. Subway has not revealed the companies from where they source their cheese.

However, they have stated that all the cheese used in Subway is sourced from local companies. The company has also made BelGioioso fresh mozzarella a part of its menu.

Hence, BelGioioso is one of the top suppliers of mozzarella used by Subway in the USA. This brand is native to Northeast Wisconsin and is the latest addition to the Subway family.

Final Remarks 

In this article, I tried to tell you about the various sources from where Subway gets its daily produce. While their cold cuts travel long distances to reach stores, the brand ensures the utmost care is taken to preserve them properly.

Additionally, they source their veggies directly from the farms around them, delivering them fresh daily. The brand also ensures all its suppliers try to be sustainable and carefully follow government health safety regulations.

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve discussed in this article. 

Subway sources its products from top companies like BelGioioso, Rema Foods, West Liberty Foods, etc. Moreover, they source their ingredients from local companies in the USA or Canada.