Does Subway Give FREE Food On Your Birthday?

Subway does indeed give free food on birthdays. This meal includes a free 6-inch sub and one drink.

Some Subway outlets may give a free cookie on a customer’s birthday and the customer gepick picks the flavor. These freebies are part of Subway’s loyalty program.

You must enroll in it to be eligible for the free food on your birthday. Once you’ve purchased the membership, the rewards are automatically loaded into your account.

Many fast food chains offer freebies to their customers on their birthdays. This includes Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, McDonald’s, etc.

In this article, we will go over the freebies given by Subway on a customer’s birthday. We will also cover how to us them, and the benefits of its loyalty program. 

How To Get Free Food At Subway On Your Birthday? 

subway sandwich

Subway’s loyalty program is called MyWay, and the customers who are part of it are eligible for freebies, especially on birthdays. 

The free food is a 6-inch sub and a drink. Subway also offers a free cookie of the customer’s choice as part of this policy.

You can enroll yourself in the MyWay rewards, through the Subway app, at an outlet, or on the company’s website. 

Once you sign up, your birthday freebies are added directly to your account. You can then go and redeem it.

The free cookie birthday gift is valid for two weeks and only on dine-in. The options for cookies are Oatmeal raisin, Macadamia Nut, Raspberry cheesecake, and chocolate chip.

This is a marketing strategy by brands to boost their sales, and it also doubles as a PR move. Giving freebies to people on their special day creates a positive perception of that brand in people’s minds.

Secondly, people typically celebrate their birthdays with their family and friends. Thus, a freebie will draw not only one person but also a large group, driving up sales.

Naturally, since people earn a token on their purchases at Subway, they will want to spend more.

The profits Subway makes from other products cover the cost of the freebies. It’s a win-win for the restaurant. 

Perks Of Subway’s MyWay Loyalty Program

The way it works is that for every dollar you spend at Subway, you earn four tokens. Once you reach 200 tokens, you’re eligible for a 2-dollar reward.

You can then redeem these 2 dollars on any item on the menu, including subs, cookies, salads, drinks, etc.

The birthday surprise is part of this MyWay loyalty program.

Also, during the first week of your membership, you can earn 3x the coupons. For example, instead of 4 tokens for every dollar, you make 12. 

Apart from this, customers can also earn bonus tokens via certain activities. Other surprise gifts include chips, cookies, etc. 

Since the franchises are independent, not all Subway outlets offer this program. So, you need to check with your local Subway restaurant to see if they’re participating in the MyWay program.

Does Subway Give Free Sandwiches For Life? 

A man from Colorado won free sandwiches from Subway for life because of his tattoo. As part of their new menu launch, Subway offered rewards to customers for getting tattoos.

James Kunz, a life-long Subway fan, got a 12-by-12 inch tattoo of the Subway series logo on his back. Subway then ended up giving him free sandwiches for life.

This comes as a part of gift cards worth $50,000, which Subway offered for the big tattoo. The chain also offered smaller rewards for tattoos on shoulders, calves, or forearms. 

A Colorado native, Kunz states that the chain helped him become fitter when he was young. As a teenager, he was chubby, and eating at Subway got him off an unhealthy diet. 

Subway Offers And Promo Codes

The most attractive offer at Subway is buying one footlong and getting a second one for a flat 50% discount. The code for this offer is BOGO50.

Subway offers a ton of deals and coupons when it comes to its products. Some of these are pretty handy, and the rewards are equally lovely.

These offers are primarily for online orders and require you to enter the promo codes at checkout. You can place the order via Subway’s website or app. 

Another excellent offer is buying a footlong and getting a second one free. This deal, however, is not available at all Subway restaurants. 

You can try promo code FREESUB for this. However, if it’s unavailable, you can instead use 15OFF for a 15% discount on any footlong. 

Here’s a list of Subway offers and their respective promo codes – 


Footlong meal, plus chips and a beverage for $7.99. 


Chips, a beverage, and a 6-inch sub meal for just $5.99. 


Pay $3.49 for a 6-inch sandwich. 

4. BOGO50

Buy a footlong and get a second one at a 50% discount. 


Get a free cookie. 


Use this for a complimentary beverage on a footlong purchase.


Footlong sandwich for $5.99. 


Get free chips with a footlong. 

Final Remarks

In this article, we went over the freebies that Subway gives to its customers on birthdays. We also covered other benefits of its MyWay loyalty program. 

The chain, in general, is quite generous regarding its promos and offers. This is just one of the reasons why Subway is one of the largest fast food chains in the world.

Subway offers freebies to their customers on their birthdays to attract more customers. This includes a free 6-inch sub and a free drink.