Does Subway Use Real Meat? (An Investigation)

Subway actually uses real meat. The brand has asserted that it uses 100% real meat, especially chicken.

There have been rumors that the chicken used in Subway sandwiches is not genuine. Many sources have claimed that Subway chicken is only 50% real chicken.

However, the brand has made its stance very clear to the people. They have declared that their products are 100% authentic.

But old articles on this topic are still in circulation throughout the Internet. The New York Times has also published a report showing that an independent lab found zero tuna DNA in their tuna.

All this contradicting information has people confused more than ever. If you are one such person, this article will help you immensely. 

Here, I will talk about the chicken and meat products used in Subway sandwiches and how they are made. I will also include the sources of these meat products and how Subway maintains its top-notch quality.

Are Subway Sandwiches Made From Real Meat?

Does Subway Use Real Meat?

Yes, Subway sandwiches are made from real meat. The company has gone online to declare this statement and provided adequate proof for the same.

There have been a lot of posts and a few lawsuits against Subway for selling fake meat products. The exact origin of these rumors cannot be found anymore.

However, many news outlets at the time had a field day about Subway meat being fake. According to The New York Times, the meat used in their Tuna sandwich did not contain any tuna DNA.

After this report was published, people went wild with their theories and accused the brand of malpractice. Some people even filed lawsuits against the brand.

However, the brand took time to recoup and give a fitting answer to its customers. Their website and social media pages specify that they use 100% real meat for their products.

They even managed to get statements from their suppliers about these nasty rumors about the brand. Their tuna suppers have mainly spoken regarding the issue, and their statement is on the company website.

Subways have also corrected people saying they use some marinade and flavoring to increase the moisture content of chicken and make it tastier. They did agree that they used soybean extracts but only to change the texture of the chicken.

The brand has further specified that the total amount of marinade and soy extracts used in their products is rarely above the 2% range. They usually keep it down to 1% to maintain the quality and taste of the chicken cuts.

The meat used at Subway is sourced from local producers and companies in the USA. Subway has already tested its meat samples in a lab and produced the results on its website. 

Additionally, the brand has named its meat suppliers on the company website. The top suppliers in the USA are Perdue, West Liberty Foods, Keystone, and Ed Miniat.

What Kind Of Meats Are Used In Subway?

Subway uses different varieties of meat. The most popular types are chicken, turkey, pork, beef, and tuna fish.

The brand is famous for delicious meat sub sandwiches. These are made with high-quality protein and ingredients sourced locally in the USA.

They are usually cooked at the store to ensure freshness and proper storage of surplus food. Subway has a fixed set of meat available at all their stores.

All Subway stores in the USA sell meat like chicken, turkey, pork, beef, and tuna. They don’t sell exotic meat and fish other than tuna.

Their Chicken subs are the lowest in price among all other proteins. Their roast Angus beef is the most expensive ingredient and add-on available at Subway. 

These selections are in Subway’s stores across various locations. In some countries, beef and pork are not served due to religious reasons. 

However, you can enjoy all types of meat in the USA at Subway stores. If you are not a fan of meat, you can also choose from various veg subs available at stores.

People who like quite a lot of meat on their subs can choose Double meat. Additionally, a deluxe version is available for people who want a more significant portion of meat in their sub.

Is The Tuna Meat At Subway Real?

Yes, the tuna meat used in Subway is real meat. The company has claimed it is 100% made from tuna.

There has been a popular rumor that the tuna meat at Subway is not real tuna. According to The New York Times, an independent lab in the country had conducted DNA testing on the meat of a tuna sandwich.

They found that there were no traces of tuna DNA on the product. The newspaper has published these results with misleading headings and information.

Subway had them put forth their explanation which refuted the claims of The New York Times. The brand stated that cooked tuna rarely has DNA that is recognizable.

Additionally, the anonymity of the lab has also contributed to Subway questioning the source of the newspaper’s claim. The brand has even got its distributors, Rema Foods and Jana Brands, to make statements.

Both their statements have been recorded and added to the website of Subway. They have said that the tuna they provide Subway is 100% real and caught in the wild. 

Does Subway Use Halal Meat?

No, Subway doesn’t use halal meat anywhere in the USA. It is available in a few countries, but unfortunately, the USA is not one of them.

Despite being a prominent and booming business, Subway seems to be lacking in many aspects. The top shortcoming of Subway today is that it doesn’t use halal meat in the USA. 

No store in the USA uses halal meat. This further proves that not everyone can enjoy a good Subway sandwich.

Since they have already started to provide halal meat in other countries, Subway should also begin serving it in the USA. Hopefully, the brand will come to its senses and add halal meat to its menu.

Final Remarks

With all the safety regulations in effect, there is little room for error in Subway supply chains. In 2022, the brand has become even more conscious of its practices.

If you are still unsure of their products, here’s a quick recap of what I’ve discussed. 

The meat used at Subway is real and made of 100% meat. Only flavoring and marinade make up less than 1% of the total meat product.