Is Creole Butter Spicy? (For American Taste)

Creole butter is not very spicy. The butter has hints of spices and herbs but doesn’t have a lot of chilies.

Gone are the days of boring marinades, with new and ready-to-use marinades in the market, cooking unique dishes will never be a problem.

Every good occasion calls for a family feast and every feast is incomplete without a special dish. Creole butter can be that magical ingredient that totally changes the way your roasts taste.

Personally, I have used Creole butter for a lot of my dishes. I love the slight herby and Spicy taste of the marinade which adds a new flavor to my old chicken roasts.

Many people, however, are slightly reluctant to try this amazing marinade. The most common reason is that they are worried about the spice levels of Creole butter.

If you are someone who is fighting the dilemma of whether or not to try Creole butter, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will explain the taste and flavor profile that may help you to make a decision. 

How Spicy is Creole Butter?

creole butter

Creole butter is not spicy. It has a mild flavor and smell of peppers but the spice levels are considerably low.

Just because it is called Creole butter doesn’t mean it will be filled with hot chilies. On the contrary, Creole butter is extremely delicious and suitable for the American palette.

I have a family of four with two kids who are known to be picky eaters. They absolutely detest Spicy food but have never complained about my Creole butter roasts.

If I could best describe Creole butter, the closest flavor profiles would belong to the tex-mex category. They are indeed filled with spices but do not impart an unbearable amount of heat or spiciness.

The slightly warmer and orange time of the marinade is enough to set off a number of questions about its spice levels. However, through personal experience, I can say that spiciness is nothing you should be worried about.

What is Creole Butter Made Of?

Creole butter is made of a variety of ingredients ranging from peppers and garlic to acids and preservatives. The butter is completely gluten-free but contains dairy.

The first thing that you should know about Creole butter is that it is definitely made of dairy. Butter will be a prime ingredient in the marinade much as its name suggests.

Some companies do sell vegan Creole butter so you will find these variants in any supermarket. Additionally, you can also try to make your own vegan version of the butter at home.

The very idea of Creole butter was to make a delicious marinade that has every necessary ingredient combined with butter. This mix would make it easier to cook since you won’t have to add all other spices and ingredients separately. 

Butter is a primary ingredient of the marinade followed by Water, Salt, Red Peppers, Spices, Garlic, Natural Butter Flavoring, Citric Acid, and preservatives. If you are making them at home, you can also add some herbs to add a new dimension to your Creole butter.

How Do You Use Cajun Injector Creole Butter?

Creole butter injector allows people to inject the marinade into the flesh of the meat that is ready to cook. The Injector enables people to make sure the marinade reaches the meat when it is cooked whole.

If you are cooking a whole chicken roast or simply want to try a new recipe for thanksgiving, you need to use a Creole butter injector. This special device makes it possible to marinate the inner layers of the meat when you are cooking it whole.

Instead of chopping up the meat or slicing it through, you could just inject the marinade straight into the meaty portions of your roast. For this, you would require a Creole butter injector.

A Creole butter injector is a device that is 

usually provided with the butter itself. You can also buy it separately from a supermarket if you are planning on cooking whole meat and roasts.

All you have to do is fill in the injector with the Creole butter and then push it into the meat at different places. Make sure you reach the meaty portions so that those parts don’t end up tasting bland.

If you are cooking chicken or turkey, make sure you go around the things and the beast pieces which are more fleshy. For pork, the belly and ribs should be injected with the marinade thoroughly. 

What Does Creole Butter Taste Like?

Creole butter tastes a lot like tex-mex marinades. The peppers inside the Creole butter give it a smoky and delicious flavor.

Now that we have the question of spiciness answered, it is time to know the exact flavor of Creole butter. While it’s not possible to completely define the taste of Creole butter, I will try to give you some hints.

Imagine eating some great tex-mex with cajun peppers and some great species. Creole butter comes close enough.

It has a distinct smoky flavor that makes it ideal for roasts and barbecues. Additionally, the peppers in the marinade provide a hint of spice without overpowering your tastebuds.

I can say that it tastes like having the rub on a Mexican chicken roast. Caribbean flavors also tend to be a little sweet and salty and that is the same case with Creole butter.

Final Remarks 

Since I am an ardent user of Creole butter, I would urge everyone to definitely give it a try. If the spiciness is what you are worried about, I hope my article has relieved you of your confusion.

The Creole butter Injector is another lifesaver that will come in handy when cooking whole meat. You should definitely use this new marinade for your Christmas or thanksgiving roast and try a new recipe with your family.

Here is a quick recap of what I have discussed so far. 

Creole butter is not spicy at all. It does have peppers among its ingredients but the taste is almost tex-mex with low heat levels.