Is Whirl Butter Bad For You? (Read Before You Buy)

Whirl butter is actually a healthier alternative to normal butter. This butter is low in preservatives and free from gluten which makes it super healthy.

People are constantly looking for healthier alternatives to butter. While there are many products out there in the market, Whirl butter is definitely a contender among them.

Many people are now shifting to Whirl butter due to its cost-effectiveness and great taste. The great health benefits of this amazing new invention have taken the culinary world by storm.

Since Whirl butter is a fairly new ingredient, a lot of people are reluctant to give it a try. At first glance, butter seems to have a higher amount of fats but when you know about it better, you will change your views.

If you are unsure about the various advantages of substituting regular butter or oil with Whirl, you have come to the perfect place. In this article, I will explain the various benefits of Whirl butter and why you should include it as a part of your diet.

Is Whirl Butter Healthy?

whirl butter

Whirl butter is an amazing ingredient from a health perspective. It is actually healthier than regular butter which is packed with fats and salt.

Since Whirl butter is emerging as a popular alternative to dairy butter, people are curious about its health benefits. A lot of consumers are drawn to its low pricing and vegan properties.

Personally, I have used Whirl butter and can say that it actually tastes pretty good. You will rarely be able to tell the difference between dairy butter and Whirl butter.

They make some great marinades and rubs for my lunches. I even use them as sandwich spreads which my 9-year-old loves to eat.

While I love the taste of butter, my rising cholesterol levels made it difficult for me to indulge in these luxuries. My husband offered the alternative of Whirl butter and now I can enjoy a good meal without having it taste bland.

I have found that Whirl butter has zero cholesterol which is a lifesaver for people like me. Additionally, it has low amounts of saturated fats and fatty acids that are harmful to the body.

Whirl butter has a good amount of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that increase its fat content. However, these fats are considered beneficial for the body and prove that Whirl butter is healthier than regular butter.

What is Whirl Butter Made of?

Whirl butter is usually made of soybean oil combined with salt and other ingredients. It might also be made of some other vegetable oil too.

Vegan kinds of butter are slowly trending in the market as people are shifting to healthier alternatives than dairy. The primary components of Whirl include soybean oil, salt, sunflower lecithin, artificial butter flavor, beta carotene (color), and yeast extract.

The butter is considered healthy because it contains less than 2% of salt as opposed to dairy butter which has higher amounts of sodium. Additionally, the vegan version of Whirl butter is free from dairy, which means people who are lactose intolerant or have a vegan diet can consume it.

Original versions of Whirl butter do contain traces of milk or dairy but you can always opt for the vegan option if you are unsatisfied with the dairy version. All in all, Whirl is mostly free from a lot of allergens that may interfere with the digestive system of people in America.

Is Whirl Real Butter?

Whirl butter is a substitute for dairy butter that is considered unhealthy by many people. Since it is not entirely made of dairy, it is not the original form of commercially available butter.

If you are wondering about the authenticity of Whirl butter, there are a few things that you should know. Some versions of Whirl butter contain traces of dairy as a flavoring agent but the primary ingredient is soybean.

When compared to dairy butter, Whirl butter is not real butter in that sense. However, it is a great plant-based liquid butter or oil which imparts a buttery taste and smell without being unhealthy. 

I have cooked with Whirl butter multiple times and can barely make out the difference between the two. It feels just like real butter so the purpose of using Whirl is always fulfilled.

Another fun fact about Whirl butter is that it is priced lower than regular butter and margarine. Hence, they are also pretty cost-effective since the taste remains similar on all levels.

Is Whirl Butter Gluten-Free?

Whirl butter is completely Gluten-Free. The brand has taken utmost care not to include Gluten products and has instead resorted to using ingredients that are free from Gluten.

People who have Gluten allergies can definitely consume Whirl butter without any worries. The product is completely free from Gluten and won’t trigger your allergies.

I understand that a lot of people with Celiac disease are scared of trying alternatives to butter. However, Whirl butter will be the perfect product for them since it meets this specification. 

The brand recognizes the problems of Gluten allergies and the fact that many people dislike consuming Gluten as a part of their daily diet. Therefore, they have come up with a product that would prove to be both healthy and Gluten-free.

Final Remarks 

Butter is a favorite ingredient of many people but the unhealthiness attached to it makes it a problem. Doctors even advise people to avoid butter if they are suffering from cholesterol and obesity.

However, Whirl butter is low in both cholesterol and saturated fats which makes it healthy for people with medical problems to consume it. The taste of Whirl butter is just like dairy butter so you won’t even be able to tell the difference in the first bite itself.

Here is a quick recap of what I’ve discussed about Whirl butter.

Whirl butter is a healthy option for people looking for dairy butter substitutes. It is mostly made of vegan products and is completely gluten-free as well.