Is St Germain Gluten Free? (Read Before You Drink!)

Yes, St Germain Liqueur contains no wheat, barley, or rye and is entirely gluten-free.

Despite only debuting in 2007, St Germain has seen a meteoric rise to become an icon in nearly every top-shelf bar in America.

It sounds uniquely French but is operated by the New York-based Cooper Spirits Company, led by Rob Cooper.

St Germain grew into a recognizable classic in a short amount of time, leading to a Bacardi acquisition in 2013.

In this article, I will show you why St Germain is gluten-free. Since there might be many variations at your local bar, I will tell you how you can ensure that it does not have gluten.

Does St Germain Liqueur Have Gluten?

Is St Germain Gluten Free (Read Before You Drink!)

No, the production of St Germain does not involve gluten grains like wheat or rye. They clarify this by labeling their products gluten-free.

Though Bacardi acquired St Germain, it retains its artisanal roots. Cooper Spirits operates multiple liquor brands, but St Germain is easily their most beloved.

St Germain takes huge inspiration from Parisian culture, especially St‑Germain‑des‑Prés, where it gets its name.

This dedication to culture is following traditional techniques followed for years in France.

As it so happens, these traditional techniques are completely free of gluten. They only use seasonal, wild elderflowers for producing this liqueur in gluten-free facilities.

What Kind Of Alcohol Is St Germaine?

St Germain is a liqueur, a distilled alcoholic drink often made of rectified spirits and usually drunk after meals.

You might have heard of liquors like rum, vodka, or whiskey that can be drunk on their own and are bitter and harsh on the tongue.

On the other hand, the liqueur is anything but bitter. It can be drunk independently but is usually used to bring out the flavors of a cocktail’s ingredients.

It is strong and sweetened with infused fruits, herbs, and spices that are a brilliant choice for making a cocktail.

According to the FDA, all liqueurs are gluten-free, even if made from wheat, barley, or rye. Gluten is removed in the distillation, and the liqueur is gluten-free unless it is added after production.

What Is St Germain Made Of?

St Germain is a liqueur made from elderflowers, a flower of the elder tree distilled into a liqueur.

St Germain uses fresh, hand-picked elderflowers in its production. It uses up to 1,000 elderflowers collected in the spring to maintain its sublime natural flavor.

This results in a refined liqueur that is believed to be among the best in the world and highly regarded by bartenders for its balance and versatility.

It adds a fresh, sweet, and citrusy touch to any drink, pairing exceptionally well with other spirits in a cocktail like tequila.

I recommend a St Germain cocktail for a perfect Saturday brunch paired with oysters, baked potato, and parmesan.

Does Elderflower Have Gluten?

No, the Elderflower is found on the elder tree and has no traces of gluten.

Elderflower is widely known to be a potent medicine and a fragrance. Still, it is also used as a flavoring component in drinks.

Coming from a sweet and citrusy flavor, St Germain has about 11 grams of sugar and 103 calories per 1-ounce serving.

St Germain also comes with a whole host of vitamins and minerals like Vitamins B6 and B12, E, and C, Calcium, Potassium, and Zinc.

While the taste of Elderflower might be hard to describe, the notes of lychee and floral aroma in St Germain call for wine lovers all over.

Elderflower lends St Germain a refreshing and fruity taste. Still, it also makes it a strong alcoholic beverage at 40 proof or 20% alcohol by volume.

How Can I Identify Gluten Free liquor At St Germain?

It is easy to identify Gluten Free products by looking for a label on the packaging that specifies if they contain gluten or not.

I have elaborated on how you can know if St Germain is gluten-free. But what if find a variation or recipe for a cocktail and can’t be too sure?

You should know that all liqueur is gluten-free, even if made of wheat or barley. The distillation process used to make liqueur removes all gluten from the beverage.

However, if you still find yourself confused, a good rule of thumb would be to check the packaging to see if the bottle is labeled ‘Gluten-Free’ or not.

But as I have elaborated, St Germain and most cocktails made from it are gluten-free. You shouldn’t have much trouble in this regard.

Can I drink St Germain if I have Celiac disease?

Yes, people with Celiac Disease can enjoy St Germain liqueur as long as no extra gluten is added.

Celiac disease prevents people from eating wheat, barley, and rye as it causes an immune reaction to the gluten they consume.

St Germain isn’t a product of these grains but is only made through elderflowers. It also contains other ingredients like fruits and sweeteners that do not have gluten.

You should know that while St Germain on its own is gluten-free, there can be cross-contamination in a cocktail if you aren’t careful enough.

You should enquire about these before drinking-

  1. Does the cocktail have gluten added to it in other forms? (Example- Wheat Vodka)
  2. Has the cocktail been made with glasses or cutlery that might have been in contact with gluten? (Example- Contact with bread, beer, soups, etc.)

Final Remarks

St Germain is incredibly well known and beloved, but not much is known about its being gluten-free. I tried to tackle that problem with this article by going over everything from what St Germain is to how it is made. I hope that this article cleared some doubts that you might have had about St Germain Liqueur.

Here is what I want you to take away from this article, in short

Is St Germain Gluten Free? Yes, St Germain Liqueur is gluten-free, and most cocktails containing it are likely gluten-free too. However, there are some chances of cross-contamination, which celiacs must be wary about.