Which Subway Locations Accept Coupons? (SAVE Money)

Many subway locations accept coupons issued by their head office. However, to know for sure if your nearest outlet accepts them, call ahead before ordering.

Subway coupons are highly profitable for people who want to enjoy their subs without emptying their pockets. The prices of subs have indeed gone up after the pandemic.

2022 has seen a steep rise in meat and milk product prices. Stores are scrambling to profit while marinating their old pricing from last year.

However, this has not been entirely possible. Many subway stores have stopped accepting coupons to avoid decreasing their prices too much. 

If you have been denied coupons and are wondering about it, this article is for you. I will explain which stores accept coupons and why some reject them immediately.

Where Can I Use Subway Coupons?

Which Subway Locations Accept Coupons?

According to Subway, only participating stores can accept coupons issued by the company. It is not obligatory for all stores across locations to accept these offers.

Now, I understand that usually, when you find a reasonable offer, you might want to avail yourself of it immediately. The disappointment when the server denies the coupon is nothing short of heartbreak.

But why do some stores deny coupons from Subway? There is a straightforward answer to this question.

Many Subway outlets cannot afford to give away food for free. Even small discounts can severely affect the operations of a Subway store.

The rising prices of ingredients, especially meat, have been affecting Subway stores for a while. Many stores have complained about being short-staffed with fewer customers.

In some cases, sourcing raw materials from their supplier can be expensive. Coupled with the cost of gas and maintenance, the bill is too overwhelming for owners.

Subway has recognized this problem and doesn’t stop stores from opting out of these promotions. Some stores may afford the discount due to a large customer base and low prices in sourcing ingredients.

There is no concrete way to determine which stores accept coupons. They may opt-out of a promotion anytime they feel the profits sinking too much.

You can find a list of stores that accept a particular coupon on their website. However, these stores can opt to put on will.

The best way to know for sure would be to call the outlets nearby to find out where they accept coupons. If they don’t, there is nothing you can do about it.

Does Subway Have A Special Buy One Get One Free?

Yes, Subway does offer a Buy One Get One Free coupon for customers at select locations. However, this is a limited-time offer and only applicable online.

Subway has these amazing Buy One Get One Free offer for their subs. This offer is particularly applicable on their footlong subs so that people can save a lot of money in one go.

The promo code required to avail of the offer is ‘FREEFOOTLONG.’ This code needs to be entered in the coupons or promotions section online.

You will be given a free footlong when placing an order. You have to include two footlongs, and the cheaper one will be automatically for free.

However, the offer only applies to online orders from the Subway app or website. Not all locations have these offers, so you must check before placing an order.

Always check the cart value to know if the coupon has been accepted. You can also call your nearest store for clarification on the offer.

Remember that this offer is only applicable for a limited time. After the expiry date, you will have to wait for Subway to re-launch the offer.

How To Get A Free Sub At Subway?

People who want a free sub from Subway must use the Buy One Get One coupon for footlongs. Additionally, they can also get a free 6-inch sub on their birthday.

Free food is always welcome, especially since the prices have risen so much. A Free sub from Subway is a dream for many people.

Therefore, you should be happy to know there are ways to get free subs from Subway. Let me tell you about the various coupons that can be used to get a free sub.

Now, the subway won’t give you a free sub without any purchase. Therefore, they have developed a BOGO offer that gives free footlongs.

Customers who order through the Subway app or website can get a free footlong sub. They will have to purchase one footlong to get another free in the same order.

This promotional offer has been declared for a limited time. After the expiry, you will have to wait for the next offer.

Another offer allows you to enjoy a free 6-inch sub at the store. Subway gives out free subs on your birthday if you purchase at least two other subs.

However, you must sign up for their loyalty program on their website. Subway also makes several offers like these from time to time.

How To Get A Free Sub From Subway On Your Birthday?

You must sign up for their loyalty program to get free subway sandwiches on your birthday. The offer is valid in-store and on the purchase of two subs.

Subway has this amazing offer of getting a free sub on your birthday. That’s right; you get a free gift with purchases on your birthday.

The offer is valid for up to 2 weeks after your birthday. You will also need to sign their loyalty program available on the internet.

The offer is only applicable on purchases made in-store and for dining. Make sure you declare the offer when you are at the store.

Additionally, you need to make two purchases with a signup link to avail of the offer. You will only be given a 6-inch footlong at the store.

Final Remarks

By now, you must know about the various promotions offered at Subway. Additionally, you know why some Subways do not accept coupons from customers.

You can never say for sure when a store is accepting coupons. Some stores may even accept some coupons but not all.

To help you with this problem, here’s a quick recap. 

Select subway stores accept coupons for food. You need to call the store or visit the Subway website to find the stores’ exact names before ordering.